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For this project i wanted to create a poster or leaflet for a clothing shop called Heaven Forbid in town,this clothing shop is one of my favourites, with it having alot of clothing to my taste and James Higgins too, with me wearing alot of clothing from there and him recognise it, as soon as i told where i shopped he has been getting t-shirts from there too. So im quite good at promoting clothing. This is why i thought it would be a good idea to do this. I started to gather ideas up, but hadnt at this present time to go in and ask if i were able to do this project for them, for the fact i had 8 projects and 2 assignments to concentrate on also. So i just started getting ideas etc together, ready for me to use when the time came.

The ideas were very simple but looked really good, my ideas originated from the posters and leaflets that were made before hand, and this fired up ideas up for me, maybe just changing of pictures, placement of pictures and wording, these are very simple changes but can be very effective. One of my first ideas was very basic in the sense of colours etc, and the usage of clothing, having them scattered about. Then moved on from that and looked at some general posters and took that into consideration.

As you can see they are very basic and very simple but for first ideas they are ok for generating other ideas and im still hoping that Heaven Forbid will be ok creating a poster to promote there franchise. With me being a big fan of the clothing range they have in there shop i sincerely hope that my plan works. If not im going to have to redo all my ideas and hope for the best.

Unfortunetly for me i have been a bit late getting everything together, in a sense that when i went to ask Heaven Forbid if it would be ok, i was turned down for the fact that they already have people working for them making posters and leaflets and couldnt get round there heads that i was for a project and it would need to be put in motion and used 24/7. I wasnt happy with what happened and because i had left til the last minute because i have been so busy with my other projects, i had been stumped in what to do.

This knocked me back a bit and with me having my other projects to get underway it got pushed to the back for sometime before i had another idea and posible client. I went to my old course tutor and asked quite plainly is there any posters or leaflets i would be able to create to promote the course or part of the course on which ND 3D design crafts was based on. With me having a lot of knowledge of the course, with me being an ex-student for 2 years, this was a better option in my eyes for completing a decent looking poster/leaflet but it also having a purpose to other peers or tutors around college. So Phil came up with the idea of designing a leaflet to promote the second year end of year show. This was a big deal, was kinda of stunned when he gave me the project to do, because of the scale it was on, being handed out around the whole of college and to peers friends and family. Still it was a good project to do, and so i sat in the lesson with him and got the basics of what he needed on the leaflet on a brainstorm and started to slowly generate ideas on how it would look as in background pictures and effects etc, but i couldnt seem to get the information sorted out, or where i would place it etc, the only problem was that he said it can what i like it to be other than to be simple and contemporary. With me having a hard time generating ideas in the beginning, this didnt help, there was no specfics or anything along those lines.

With me having so much reign on the project i struggled on coming up with a background, not too sure what i needed to do, i dove into the background design, my very first idea was so simple a 3 year old could of come up with it, once i had tried on it and was getting nowhere i tried to come up with another idea but this is what the very beginning of the idea looked like …

The idea was based on simple shapes and was trying to work with that somehow. Then this got me thinking what other shapes i could of used that would look decent for a leaflet to present the 2nd year end of year show. So i came up with useing squares, i have used this shape before to create backgrounds for my paper work on my last course and this is a basic look on the background …

I was really fond of this idea but could carry on with this idea unless i had other ideas as well or if i used this idea i would of had to improve it, that is where i got stuck. I think because i liked the idea i didnt want to go to far and ruin the original idea, so i couldnt move forward with it. So i had to move on to another idea, that is were i got stumped, i couldnt use triangles or circles like i did for the squares because there would be so many complications with colouring different sections so nothing matched, so i would need so many clolours and would take a long time to look good, from previous experiences i know it wouldnt of worked.

So i started a fresh and then got stuck again for lacking on backgrounds still. Then i went to using the actual exhibtion area as a background and put a gradient on it so it wasnt too plain and boring, then added some text and that’s as far as i got, because i had a bunch of things to do on my other projects i went to finish them off. By the time it got too completing this task it was too late. This is how far i got with the last idea i ended up with …

My opinion on this project is timing. I need to work on my organisation skills to actually accomplish my goals and aims, if i had organised my time wisely and got everything sorted out in the beginning i think this would of been a brilliant project. It would of given me time to get ideas in the works, backgrounds sorted out, layouts worked and it would of been done. Another factor is that i struggle on generating ideas to help progress forward and would like a bit more of a structured look on briefs which would give me more of a idea on how to execute the project but on the other hand i have lots of ideas for different things i think when it comes to it i would of liked the freedom, so im fighting a losing battle with myself. If im able to nail my organisation and ideas on the head i should be more then capable of working from blank briefs and still coming up with an awesome idea within the time given. It’s just a shame i havent been able to nail it by now but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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Expressive Images

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This project is more of my area, artistic and having alot of free reign, the only difference is that it had to be produced on a computer, would of been nice if i could of done something on paper with a biro and scanned it in to Photoshop but due to my amazing organisation skills the idea went to pot. In the end my idea was based on cyborgs and futuristic based art, and my artist to back me up on this is a legend in his own name, being very well known and creating the Alien franchise in the very beginning, H.R.Giger.

The swiss surrealist is the best artist in my eyes for what i like. Coming up with the insane and making more insane, being a painter, sculptor, designer, interior architect he explores all areas and puts them into practice. Always have i loved man and machine art put together giving a glimpse of what could possibly happen in the future and H.R.Giger shows this with his amazing sculptures and art work.

These are  some of his scultures that he has produced and that have not gone up noticed, all over the globe he is know, not just by people like myself but people like Johnathan Davies, the lead singer of Korn a very popular band through the 90’s and still very popular. One of Giger’ piece’s, The Nerubian Queen (shown below)

This sculpture caught the eye of Johnathan and wanted one for himself. Due to this, the original Nubian Queen was customized for Johnathan and was turned into a mike stand, that would be with him since he bought it in 1994, the microphone stand has been all albums after that Korn (1994) Life is Peachy (1996) Follow the Leader (1998) Issues (1999) Untouchables (2002) and Take a look in the Mirror (2003), all these albums have had the microphone which would of caught peoples eyes over the 17 years that he has it for.

H.R.Giger doesnt just make customized microphone stand’s, he has made a customized series of Ibenez guitars over the years also, all over the world people love and enjoy the Ibenez guitars and some are lucky enough to get there hands on them with them costing around £600 a pop but would be lovely addition to your wall and for being on tour or doing gigs. Some people have even been influenced by the guitars and bought either that guitar or the orignal version of Ibenez, it looks so nice, for exmaple a bloke posts on a forum “” that “Neck-heavy or not, you’ve got to love the Iceman. Here’s a photo of my guitar set-up. I should confess that Celtic Frost might have been a teensy weensy influence on my choice of gear”, and here’s a photo of his set up and the Iceman below.

It just shows how influentional H.R.Giger’ work is and why he is famous for what he does. He doesnt just make amazing guitars and awesome mic stands, being a sculptor and interior architect he creates the most bizarre furniture know to man in my eyes but would die to have most of his work in a house of my own.

Here are some pieces that have caught my eye, that would probably stun others also,

These are some of the chairs that Giger and his team and designed and made. Looking absolutely amazing and breath taking i would definitly pay the money to have one of these. If possible, invest in the floor plates and table and chairs which he also designed shown below …

If i were to have a house this would be my flooring and dining area, health and safety would be bordering on the insane but its a risk worth taking. If possible have it in every room, have the lazer etched plates all over the house just because its that amazing. I would find reasons to put the plating everywhere minus the walls and ceiling and just have silver, black and silver squares all in different shapes mosaiced all over with his artwork placed everywhere. That would be my dream house, and if possible design my car around it also, again have the plating as the flooring and have the capo chairs customised into buckets. Everything i own that i would be able to change and have it all H.R.Giger based just for the fact i love his work and his designs.

The first thing that got me into his work was the artwork he produces and designs himself, all the work is done by him and it caught my attention scouring the web for the mechanical style work, then hitting the jackpot and finding his work. I have been a big fan of his work for quite a few years now and nothing has changed minus the fact of coming up with ideas to incoporate his work into a house of mine or a car or a tattoo, anything along the lines. This was a perfect chance for me to try and come up with something along the same lines as him but again my organisation stopped me from doing having other projects to complete before this and not having alot of ideas on how i would show it all. Being stuck for ideas i dived straight into it when i had the chance and started searching pictures of cyborbs and skulls of that nature.

This was one of the pieces i had found and loved it straight away, with it being along the lines of what i liked i got to work and tried to find a way to make myself look slightly mechanical and came up with this …

The amazing thing i have done is took a picture of myself at the right angle and rubbered out the bits which would show through the mechanical look and hopefully look decent in the end i liked it but look as good as i thought it would, which annoyed me cause i was panicing and didnt have much time to come up with a new plan, so i carried on with idea i had and pressed forward.

The most obvious cyborb known to man or should be is the Terminator movies, awesome in all aspects and even better with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, for me it made the film even more amazing. So i went along with the idea at hand finding a picture of the Terminator himself and have a go, so i did and this is what i came up with, personally i thought it look shocking and quite ashamed with it but here you anyway …

Personally i thinki could of come up with something more inventive than cutting a circle for my mouth and eyes and placing a picture to show through and then changing the filter to black and white minus the terminator, ashamed with myself i carried on with the idea just and started looking on the internet if there was something that would show me what other people have done and pick there brains and come up with my own, then i stubbled across “” a site that takes a screen of your face and you get to choose how damaged your face and shows through the terminator in you. Like so …

Now i loved this alot thought it would be really good then it hit me that it wasnt who did this, yes i took the picture but thats a far as it gets, didnt think this would work as a final piece so i carried on looking trying to find the picture that i would have myself cyborged too, looking for about an hour for a decent picture i came across a animated cyborg which looked amazing, the only thing was that it hadnt been coloured at all but still looked amazing …

As you can see it looks amazing, but due to the recent internet bubbles having an impact on alot of google searches i havent been able to find it again. Again still sticking with the idea i had in general i took a picture of myself at the right angle and putting the picture over the top instead of underneath something a little different but in my eyes it worked …

So there we have it, me with a cyborg twist, the best thing about this picture is that it actually looks like i am supposed to be the character, the only thing in my eyes that could of made it look better is if it had colour on it but i didnt know how to add colour without ruining the picture then having to spend even more time to put it right. Once i had completed what i needed to do, in the end i wish i had mosaiced it in some way made it look retro, then it would of had a two toned effect in the sense of making something look futuristic with a retro look. It would of been nice if i were able to print it off but due to lack of printers working and being unable to print my work the best i can do is being able to view on my blog post.

My desk area

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This project is simply taking about 20 pictures of our desk area and over lapping them and putting the pictures together to make one singluar picture, then explaining what programs we used and how we executed the project. A program called Seadragon uses pictures from across the globe and creates the picture from every single one, when you go over tiny square of the picture while using the Seadragon program it gives you the destination of where the picture originated from, which is quite amazing. For mine, im gonna basically take about 20 pictures of where i usually work at, then place them all on Photoshop and just turn the opacity down do then they mold togther to create a singular picture. Well thats the plan, the reason im using Photoshop is because i dont know any other program i would be able to create the same sort of effect and i dont know that many programs in the first place.

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This project is based on who you percieve time, and we were given a task of showing how we see time, in anyway shape or form and based on anything we wanted so we had quite alot of freedom, if not free reign with it. I had a few ideas of what i wanted to do, its was just a question of time, having a video camera at my disposal and whether it would be able to work or not. My first idea was making a time lapse video of the sun setting off and then going back down again but i thought how would i be able to keep the video camera in the same position for about 12 hours and hope that the camera had enough battery life which in the end it wouldnt have. Then i thought of videoing my journey to college, killing two birds with one stone but then i still didnt have a video camera to hand. I was running out of ideas and patience and then at the last minute stumbling across my Photo booth could do videos, but not having any knowledge on how long it would was the thing that was worrying me. In the end my idea was to video myself for 12 hours working and relaxing, i started at half ten in the morning, not taking much notice that i was videoing myself so it looks really natural. I sat in the same postion on and off for a few times for roughly 10 hours in the end, but then after that i was still up for another 5-6 hours, so it could of possibly been up 14-15 hours long. Once i was able to cut it and sort it, i had to somehow speed up 6 hours and 40 mins worth of video to roughly 2-3 mins, in the end i had to increase to Final Cut Pro’s maximum at 10000% to end up with about 4 mins worth of video then i cut a minutes worth off, there you go my TIME lapse video based on how i would spend a really lazy day – which isnt very offen. Then when it came to place music to go with the video i had problems getting sounds that i wanted, for example i wanted the Benny Hill theme to go with it, but because of complications with certain downloaders etc i had to use some of the music which i had on my Macbook, with my taste of music not being to everybody’s taste but wanting to find something that would relate to the video, for the speed of how the instruments are played etc. In the end i chose the track “Woe of Tyrants  – Threnody” which is a very deceiving song if you have never heard of it before. It starts off with an opera or theatrical melody to it then about a minute into it, it breaks out in to thrash metal. It goes well cause of the speed of the instruments played and just for the fact i like the music.

This is my video for people to see and hope its not that embarrasing for me, i did try to get it on to a disc and burn it on but once it got to the finalize process it decided that it didnt want to burn the disc anymore and because it had already burnt so much on to it, it wouldnt let me redo it so i have had to end up placing my URL to my youtube account because the file i wanted to place in wordpres wouldnt allow it.

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Pet Rock

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Pet Rock is a really odd project given to us, we had been given 2 things – a camera and a rock and we had to put them together somehow to create something to sell to the consumers. We had ideas of when you took a picture of a statue it came to life or taking a picture of a person or moving object and then having that turn into stone. These ideas in the beginning were mine if i remember rightly and it was the myth of Medusa, glaring at someone turning into stone. In the end we all chose having a rock as a pet and being to interact with it was a really good idea, then we sat there and pondered trying to think how we execute this idea. All in the beginning thought it  was a really cool idea but then having not alot of thought on how we would come up with such a thing.

I had alot of problems with this project, trying to think of how i was going to put these together and how it would look like in the end. Having not alot of ideas on how i would merge the 2 ideas together i resorted to coming up with merging Pokemon (Rock types) and having them interrgrated with a camera of some sort and giving it’s own in sense, giving it movement to your reactions and making seem like it were alive, like having your very own pokemon in your hands.

I quite liked the idea, even though i didnt have much options and went along with it, finding out the rock type that people would be more attuned to and creating a poster based on the item, and trying to boost its chances by having more then one of the items. Then it would give the consumers something to collect, liek it were with cards. Then you could branch of and have all the elements/types on sale too. For the people who love Pokemon so much this would be the icing on the cake. If possible it would something attached the games, being to interact with the console your playing etc.

This is my poster in the end and hope it would attract attention if were to happen,

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For this project we have to draw out about 20 pictures of a scene and people have to guess from the pictures you have drawn, not a very hard project what so ever, well depending on the film you have chosen and your drawing skills. For my storyboard i have chosen to base it on GhostRider a brilliant film and thought i would have a bash at drawing some of the scenes and hope that my drawing skills pay off.

These are some examples of storyboards:

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Little People

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For this project we had to go out and take pictures of little figurines. We had to put them in postions that would reflect reality, we placed ours just under the lip off the bonnet of the car as if he were going to fix something underneath. Once we had the figurine in the right place we took a series of pictures from different angles to show how small he really is.

We originally came up with the idea of sitting him on the seat of the car or gear stick to look like he were driving or having him hanging on to the windscreen wipers hanging on for dear life then thought when does anyone hang on to windscreen wipers hanging on for dear life so we ended up with him looking like he were lifting the bonnet.

This is the website where the idea of this project had originated from, just incase anyone desides to give it ago there alot of examplesto show you what Little People are all about.

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